Visit Saint-Étienne

City of Arts and Design

Saint-Etienne which is really close to the Pilat, revisits its industrial heritage and honours the arts and design!

Industrial heritage, arts and design

Just 15 minutes from the peace and quiet of the Pilat Regional Nature Park, the metropole of Saint-Étienne, capital of the Loire department, reveals its ebullient and creative character!

If we remember with nostalgia Manufrance and its famous catalogue, the first French-made bicycles, the blast furnaces of the metalworkers or a century-old tramway (still in operation), today we are carried away by the innovative energy of the city of Saint-Étienne, the first metropole in the UNESCO network of creative design cities, which is successfully re-inventing itself through experimentation and innovation!

Saint-Etienne Tourisme

16 avenue de la Libération
BP 20031 42001 Saint-Etienne Cedex 1
Tél. + 33(0)4 77 49 39 00