Crêt de la Perdrix

360° panorama

A panoramic from Mont-Blanc to Diois !

At the top of the Pilat 

On foot or with snowshoes, the crêt de la Perdrix will give you a sense of freedom that is typical of high, open spaces, a feeling that continues through the crêts trail where each summit opens onto a breathtaking panorama, with the Alps stretching out on the horizon on a clear day.

On this moorland-covered summit, where broom, callus and blueberry bushes color the ground in green, yellow or mauve depending on the season, a chaos of granite rocks and an orientation table mark the highest point of Pilat, at 1,432 metres above sea level.


La Jasserie du Pilat 

Below, an emblematic place of the Pilat: la Jasserie, one of the oldest farms of the massif, whose bell rang at all times on stormy days to rescue travelers lost in the mountain.

Transformed into a ski resort in the 20s, la Jasserie hosted one of the very first ski lifts in France enjoyed by the first tourists from Saint-Etienne and Lyon!