Mountain bike

A great playground !

35 mountain bike routes

29 mountain bike cross-country loops

From 2.5km to 31 km, the new mountain bike loop routes vary in their level of difficulty from easy to very difficult. They also offer a variety of landscapes and each brings very different vibes to the cycling experience ! These routes are in process of being certified by the French Cycling Federation and follow its difficulty rating (circuits rated green, blue, red and black).

14 circuits dedicated to mountain bike electric cycling

ATVs (All Terrains Vehicles) have their own difficulty rating scale and recommended circuits for this category are perhaps less technically difficult, and you can be reassured, that they are totally accessible without the need to ever get off your bike and carry it through obstacles!

Electric charging points are available at various starting points of VTTAE routes.

6 mountain bike enduro routes

Although not downhill as such, the enduro routes have a downhill profile. They start at a high point and finish at a low point, and may have some uphill phases throughout !

Please note: enduro paths are shared and rules of conduct are the same as for mountain bike circuits.