PDO Côte-Rotie, PDO de Condrieu and PDO Saint Joseph

Protected Designation of Origin

The wines of the northern Rhône Valley: a palette of aromas to taste at the producers ...

PDO Côte-Rôtie: finesse and elegance

Of a deep ruby colour... and pulling from a wide range of aromas, from red fruits (raspberry, cherry, strawberry) to black fruits (blackcurrant, blueberry, blackberry), with floral notes (violet) and spicy notes (pepper, cinnamon, liquorice), as well as noble woody notes (vanilla, toasted bread...).

Cépage : Syrah et jusqu'à 20% de Viognier
Aire d'appellation AOC : depuis 1940, communes de St-Cyr-sur-Rhône, Ampuis et Tupin-et-Semons
Surface de production : environ 240 ha
Production moyenne annuelle : 9000 Hl
À table : 17-18°C, viandes rouges et grillées, plats truffés, gibiers et fromages.

PDO Condrieu: delicate wines

Pale gold is the hallmark of its colour... Apricot, white peach, mimosa, bitter almond and peppery citrus fruits to tease the nose.

The mouth delights with its unctuous texture, its mineral structure, its dry roundness, its floral aromas and its fruity freshness... You will be left with a sensation of toasted and honeyed flavour upon swallowing

Cépage : Viognier
Aire d'appellation AOC : depuis 1940, communes de Condrieu, Vérin, St-Michel-sur-Rhône, Chavanay, Malleval, St-Pierre-de-Boeuf et Limony.
Surface de production : environ 140 ha
Production moyenne annuelle : 4000 Hl
À table : à boire frais, poissons cuisinés et crustacés, foie gras, volailles, rigotte de Condrieu

PDO Saint joseph: powerful and demanding

The red varieties are made from Syrah, the only red grape type in the appellation. Delicate and fruity with floral aromas of violets and fresh red fruits when young, they gain in complexity with time and then their flavour pulls on black and blue fruits, Tonka bean and some notes of undergrowth.

Two grape varieties are used to make white Saint-Joseph: Roussanne and Marsanne. Representing a very small proportion of the production, these whites have a beautiful aromatic complexity.

Cépage : Syrah pour les rouges (maximum 10% de Roussanne ou de Marsanne), Roussanne et Marsanne pour les blancs.
Aire d'appellation AOC : depuis 1956, 23 communes de la Loire (42) et de l'Ardèche (07) en rive droite du Rhône.
Surface de production : environ 1080 ha
Production moyenne annuelle : 40 000 Hl
À table : viandes rouges grillées et petits gibiers pour les rouges ; poissons et fromages de chèvre pour les blancs

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