Our breeders have talent

Farming land

The Pilat massif has always been home to calves, cows, pigs, sheep, poultry and goats, all an essential food source for families living on the farms and an income source for markets supply.

The natural mountainous landscapes provide farmers with the perfect conditions through the various stages of production and throughout seasons.

High altitude air helps to dry salted meats. Abundant water contributes to lushy meadows, and animals are given quality fodder, which guarantees tasty meat to make the traditional sausages, prepare the terrines, pâtés, caillettes and grillatons or ensures to provide rich milk for the production of cheeses.

Visit a farm!

Where can I find good products? It is above all in the farms and GAEC of Pilat, in direct sale, that you can find them, but also in the points of sale and on the menus of local restaurants! Quality labels, tastings, farm visits to be in contact with the animals: the breeders invite you to share their worlds and their job.